When you get bored of water you often add flavor packs in order to change the taste.  Alias does the same thing but is intended for use in protein drinks.

  • Available in ten delicious flavors

  • Formulated to work in all top selling chocolate and vanilla proteins on the market

Whats in it?

The most carbohydrates Alias has is 6.  The carbohydrates are from the maltodextrin,

which is a polysaccharide and therefore not absorbed by the body.  It has zero fat potential.  

The reason we use maltodextrin is so Alias can be soluble with most proteins on the market.

Be aware that Alias will add 20-25 calories to your shake.  Though maltodextrin is technically a

complex carbohydrate because of it's sugar content, it's  high glycemic index means it goes

through the digestive system super fast.  There are 2 instances where this is a good thing.

1) After a hard workout, maltodextrin will quickly get energy and protein (if accompanied) to your muscles.

2) During a long workout (aka marathons), maltodextrin's quick absorption by the body and low osmolality

(It doesn't absorb much water) make it a good candidate to give energy while not dehydrating you.        

Have any questions?  Reach out to us anytime.